The Norns Spin the Threads of Fate

The Norns are women, seated at the foot of Yggdrasil, tree of the world. The Norns spin the threads of fate. They take mud and water from the Well of Fate and pour it over the tree’s roots, preventing rot. Runes, the magic alphabet of the Norse, are inscribed on their fingernails. Fate is woven into wool or cut into wood. A life is woven like a web and ended by cutting the last thread. No one worships the Norns for they are utterly implacable.

Our fate is already decided. There is no free will. Left to choose, our minds ration the good and bad in mechanical self-interest, seeking the happy and fleeing the sad.

The gods do not decree morality. To have knowledge of good and evil is to know there is no code by which we can be judged. Serve your life. Serve your community.

There is only the body and the breath. All things falter. All things die. All that matters is how we meet our fate. Be strong. Be brave. Be generous. Seek truth and follow beauty.


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