String Theory. Glimpsing the Story of the Universe in Reverse.

String Theory

How is it possible, seidr? How is it possible to know and change the future? There is a way. It comes from modern theoretical physics. Entropy governs the unfolding of universe and time, from the singularity of the big bang, to the formation of the planets, from physics to life, and to eventual heat death when all energy is evenly distributed. Some physicists speculate that at this point, the universe will begin to contract and all events and time will go in reverse back to a big crunch.

Things is, there is no way to tell if we are going forward or in reverse. We may going in reverse right now, and not know it. Maybe some people, gifted or cursed, can glimpse the story of the universe going in reverse. Maybe this second sight is seidr, informing the seer how events have already unfolded, staging the illusion of changing fate. It hints that our universe is already going backwards in time. A bit of ‘string theory.’

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