Frejya Wove a Spider’s Web

A Rainbow Web

The Bifrost was a bridge leading from Asgard to Earth. The bridge was a shimmering rainbow, the way to the gods always changing.

Odin feared the human Gnostics and their direct knowledge of the divine. He knew not what he wrought when he learned seidr from Frejya, and used its power to bind godly knowledge into a book, cutting out the Gnostics. Like all fixed things, a new human religion grew for a time, bringing Ragnarok, the end of the Norse gods, shattering the Bifrost.

Frejya was a true practitioner of seidr, knowing that nothing is bound or fixed forever. The bindings fray. Where Odin was single-minded, Frejya wove in many directions, like a spider’s web, waiting patiently for another day, when Ragnarok might be undone. And behold, after the darkness the rising sun cast new light, and a beautiful arc of colours appeared on her web, a rainbow, a promise of change.

(The image and text presented here is concept art by John Miedema, part of a graphic novella in progress.)

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