I think up comics all the time but rarely take the time to draw them nicely. I used to feel embarrassed posting rough work, but now I see roughness as a natural part of my drawing style. I use comic art to communicate and engage more than to impress. Roughness invites criticism and debate. Here is a selection.

Floods in the East, Fires in the West – June 1 2019
The Driver deserved the Finger, I gave him Two – May 31 2019
Imagine if Cars had to drive on Roads made for Bikes – May 30 2019
I am not a Cover-up – May 23 2019
I am a Turtle with my Backpack – April 12 2019
Spring! Wakefield Quebec 2019 – March 13 2019
Donald Trump’s Signature – March 12 2019
Winter Biker gives the Finger – March 7 2019